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Proposition Voting Recommendations

The Libertarian Party Of Los Angeles County Executive Committee has released our recommendations for voting on the propositions on the upcoming November 8 ballot. TL;DR Vote NO on all.

A few of us got together on a Zoom call and had a civil debate and discussion on all of these propositions. We are a diverse group and are able to sit and discuss with each other our positions and view points regarding these propositions.

We were unanimous on a few of these propositions but we had some that had a few members that diverged from the majority.

In the and, the majority rules for the overall recommendation of the Party.

We recommend a NO vote on all propositions.

We have 12 members on the board.

I put the vote totals to the right of each proposition.

Prop 1 NO (3 Yes 9 No)

Prop 26 NO (0 Yes 11 No 1 Abstain)

Prop 27 NO (2 Yes 9 No 1 Abstain)

Prop 28 NO (2 Yes 10 No)

Prop 29 NO (Yes 0 No 12)

Prop 30 NO (Yes 0 No 12)

Prop 31 NO (Yes 0 No 12)

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1 Comment

Nobod Nowhere
Nobod Nowhere
Nov 07, 2022

The Libertarian Party loses credibility when it suggests NO vote on Prop 1, which ensures that the state has no say in personal medical decisions.

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