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Proposition Voting Recommendations

The Libertarian Party Of Los Angeles County Executive Committee has released our recommendations for voting on the propositions on the upcoming November 8 ballot. TL;DR Vote NO on all.

A few of us got together on a Zoom call and had a civil debate and discussion on all of these propositions. We are a diverse group and are able to sit and discuss with each other our positions and view points regarding these propositions.

We were unanimous on a few of these propositions but we had some that had a few members that diverged from the majority.

In the and, the majority rules for the overall recommendation of the Party.

We recommend a NO vote on all propositions.

We have 12 members on the board.

I put the vote totals to the right of each proposition.

Prop 1 NO (3 Yes 9 No)

Prop 26 NO (0 Yes 11 No 1 Abstain)

Prop 27 NO (2 Yes 9 No 1 Abstain)

Prop 28 NO (2 Yes 10 No)

Prop 29 NO (Yes 0 No 12)

Prop 30 NO (Yes 0 No 12)

Prop 31 NO (Yes 0 No 12)

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