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Corrupt LA City Council

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County condemns the recent revelations regarding Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin DeLeon on the LA City Council. We stand with every Angeleno who calls for their resignations and who demands better from our elected officials.

We applaud those who recorded the conversations and released them to the public. Although we don’t hope for more corruption to be exposed in our city, we unfortunately suspect many, if not all, current council members are compromised.

In regards to the City Council in general, we believe this body no longer represents the entirety of the community in the great city of Los Angeles. One could argue it cannot possibly represent the entirety of Los Angeles simply based upon the amount of people each council member represents. The scope is simply too big, and as a result, they have too much power.

That being said, we wish to see great changes here in Los Angeles regarding our local governments. Considering the divisive and destructive actions taken by City Council under the guise of public health, and with the protection and permission of a seemingly endless state of emergency order, it is clear to many of us that City Council is a rogue body and needs to be reigned in and checked.

The lockdowns, the senseless masking of children in schools, and the proof of vaccine mandates, are among the most egregious and oppressive edicts thrust upon us by City Council. We must roll all of those edicts back and make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

As we move into the future, Los Angeles has the opportunity to show our state and our country what a more decentralized and community based government could offer. We would like to encourage discussion and debate about making the 99 Neighborhood Councils more robust and granting them more authority to push back against, or to be more influential in, the inner workings of City Council.

Freedom is not top-down. Freedom is community-up.

Freedom must be constantly protected and fought for. All governments are naturally a threat to freedom, and for this reason, we see it as imperative that the local governments must have the authority to nullify and resist top-down edicts that threaten and abuse our communities and families.

If you would like to learn more about the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County you can go to:

LPLAC Statement on City Council
Download PDF • 53KB

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