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Thomas Massie on Anti-2nd Amendment Omnibus Spending Bill

"Today we found out this omnibus spending bill contains $25 million for so-called gun violence research. Blaze Media asked me what I thought of this: In a statement to Blaze Media about the news, Congressional Second Amendment Caucus Chair Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) warned that the funds would be used to generate biased, anti-gun research at taxpayers' expense. "The inherent bias at NIH and CDC in deciding how this money will be spent will compel left wing researchers to compete with each other to cook up the most anti-gun results possible," Massie said. "As with the climate change research industry and the privately funded gun-violence research industry, this newly christened government-funded gun-violence research industry will work mainly to justify its own existence, and unbiased voices won't be funded or even tolerated."" - Thomas Massie

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