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It's Finally Here. Initiative to Overturn LA's Vaccine Mandate

Our initiative to repeal the city of Los Angeles' vaccine mandate was approved for circulation on February 3, 2022. Please download a copy, sign it, and share. ANTI MANDATE PETITION FAQ Q: Can I sign online? A. No. The petition is a formal, legal document. It must be signed in person and returned to the initiative proponents, just like the Newsom Recall petition. Q: Can I sign the petition if I don't live in Los Angeles? A: No. Unfortunately, only signatures from people who are registered to vote in the city of Los Angeles can sign. We know this is frustrating, but the city will only count signatures from people who live in Los Angeles. If you live in a different city within LA County (Long Beach, Pasadena, Culver City, etc) you are not eligible to sign. Please check online if you're unsure. If you voted for the LA Mayor or LA City Council during the last city election, you are probably an LA City resident. Q: How do I know if I'm registered to vote? A: You can find out online at Q: Where can I turn in my petition? A: We have a list of several drop off locations for you to send your petition, as well as a PO Box where you can mail your petitions. These locations will be updated regularly on our website. Please do NOT hold onto a stack of signatures for more than one week. We need to count each signature every week so that we can keep track of our progress. Q: I want to help collect signatures or be a drop off location. Can I do that? A; Yes. We would love your help. Please contact us so we can set something up. Q: How do I fill out the petition? A:

  • PRINT CLEARLY. If your name, address, zip code, and date are ineligible, the city elections office will not count your signature.

  • Do not sign outside of the box! Many people have large, messy signatures. Be careful.

  • We strongly recommend that you cover the column on the right side of the petition with post-it notes so that signers do not write in the "For Office Use Only" box. If a signature carries over into that box, it will NOT be counted.

  • The signature on the petition needs to resemble the signature each signer used on his or her voter registration form.

Q: What do I do if someone messed up their signature or wrote in the "For Office Use Only" box? A: Strike through the entire line and box with a single line l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶, and have the signer re-fill it out carefully in the box below the crossed out box. Q: How do I fill out the signer's affidavit on the last page of the petition? A: Read the entire affidavit first, carefully, then fill it out. Clearly print your name, then your full address, then date and sign it. Check the dates of the signatures on your petition carefully, then fill in the signature collection dates on the affidavit. Put the earliest date you collected signatures, and the last date you collected signatures. Q: Can I just circulate the English version? I don't know anyone who speaks Spanish. A: No. The entire 9 page document must be circulated together and returned together. We know this is frustrating for people who only speak English or Spanish, but it's election law so we must abide by it. Petitions that aren't properly circulated will be discarded. Please be careful. We need to make every signature count. Thank you for helping us! Please reach out with any more questions!

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