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The Lure of Democratic Socialism

Mark and Jo Ann Skousen deliver a powerful message against the rising tide of Socialism in this great talk. They go on to detail their thoughts on how to combat the lure of democratic socialism by offering a better and more adult alternative.

Mark Skousen, Ph. D., editor of Forecasts & Strategies, is a nationally known investment expert, economist, university professor and author of more than 25 books. In July 2018 Dr. Skousen was awarded the inaugural Triple Crown in Economics for his work in economic theory, history and education, and has been identified as one of the 20 most influential living economists. He currently teaches at Chapman University, where he is a Presidential Fellow at The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics. He has previously taught at Columbia Business School, Mercy College, Barnard College, and Rollins College.

In 1993, Jo Ann Skousen completed her graduate degree in English Literature and began teaching at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Her career has been impressive, spanning several decades and multiple states, moving in and out of academia and the private sector. She has been associate editor of Forecasts & Strategies, she co-authored several investment books with husband Mark, managed their home-based publishing business for several years, and is associate producer of FreedomFest. She has taught at several colleges and universities such as, Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and served as a a co-director of the Learning Center. She also taught in Mercy's degree-seeking program for inmates at Sing Sing prison, where she has met the most dedicated and hardworking students of her career. She is now a lecturer at Clapman University.

The synopsis of their talk:

"According to a recent poll, support for socialism among Gen Z (16-39 year-olds) has grown by a whopping 20% over the past year, from 40% in 2019 to 49% in 2020. We are almost at the tipping point. Jo Ann Skousen, professor of English literature at Chapman university, has observed the rising popularity of socialism on campus and understands why Gen Z — and Millennials too— find it so alluring.

Can this rising tide be reversed? Mark Skousen, Presidential Fellow in economics at Chapman University, says YES! By replacing it with something better and much more appealing - democratic capitalism. Mark and Jo Ann are also co-founders of FreedomFest, "the world's largest gathering of free minds," and the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, where over 2,000 attendees and 250 speakers meet each year to talk about history & politics, economics & finance, science & technology, art & literature, and healthy living. They will talk about "The Lure of Democratic Socialism and its Antidote: Democratic Capitalism" at our next meet up..."

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