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Successful LA Protest Moves Us Closer to Liberty

The May 1st protest against Mayor Eric Garcetti's and Gov. Gavin Newsom's Stay At Home orders seemed to contribute to Newsom's same-day policy shift on lockdowns. On the afternoon of May 1st, Newsom said that we were now "days" away from a partial re-opening, not"weeks" as he had stated just a few days prior to the protest. Consider this a small, but important, victory and a lesson on why it's important to publicly protest against tyranny.

We need to keep up the good fight! This Friday, retail businesses in LA County will be allowed to sell items for curbside pickup but hair stylists, barbers, manicurists and similar service providers are still months away from being able to return to work. The mayor also unequivocally stated group sports, concerts and large public gatherings will be banned until a coronavirus vaccine is available and that it may take over a year. This is unacceptable.. Check back regularly for more information on protests in Los Angeles County. You can find press coverage of the event at the following links: Interview forthcoming on

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