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Region 67 September 24, 2020 Meetup with Tom W. Bell

We had a great meetup for our first meetup attempt since I was elected the Region 67 Representative. It's been difficult getting this started since we have been dealing with these illegal lockdown mandates and few people, few business owners, seem to have any drive to fight these dictatorial mandates. I am delighted to see that there are many people, individual citizens, who are pushing back and refusing to wear masks anymore. There are also several businesses that I have seen that are not even trying to enforce the mask mandates. I have even gone to a bar recently that allowed several people to sit inside, since the outdoor, makeshift, parking lot seating was full. It's almost like governments are trying to get people used to living in shanty town conditions ahead of the impending financial crisis they created. I'm sure their throwaway lines of, "We're all in this together!" are coming very soon. They have already tried using celebrities to convince struggling families on the verge of loosing there homes, that "We're all in this coving lockdown situation together!" as they sit in their lavish mansions eating food prepared for them by their personal chefs. I don't think the out of work father trying to support his family is getting that message that we are all somehow in this together. So those are some of the many reasons why this moths guest speaker is so interesting and his message and information so important to everything we are all going though, especially in the last year. Governments are failing everywhere. They are proving to be completely incompetent in running a country much less the lives of everyone within it's boarders. Tom W. Bell has been an integral part of changing the political landscape with his work on ZEDE's and special economic and jurisdiction zones around the world. As he puts it, we need more completion in government, and he has been working on that for many, many years now. In this talk, Professor Bell discusses what he has been doing since his book, "Your Next Government?" came out in 2017 and some of the success and lessons learned as he helps people develop these experimental micro nations around the world. His book was just issued in audio form and he will be discussing the progress on Honduran ZEDE's, as well as Seasteading since the book was first published. This is sure to be a very interesting discussion. So please enjoy this presentation, brought to you by the Los Angeles County Libertarian Party Region 67 with Tom W. Bell.

"More competition is essential, and that is what special jurisdictions are going to let us have." Tom W. Bell, 2020

Tom W. Bell


You can support Tom Bell by purchasing his book below: Click Here to Purchase, Your Next Government? by Tom W. Bell

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