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Region 67 January 21, 2021 Meetup with Brian McWilliams

Brian McWilliams is a public relations professional, podcaster and comedian living in Los Angeles, CA. His passion and concern for liberty was realized during Ron Paul's 2008 campaign, which shed light on the troubling initiatives our government was embracing that infringed on the tenets that the United States was founded upon. Brian is the host and producer of "Electric Libertyland," the Lions of Liberty Podcast's weekly Wednesday look at current events, culture and comedy through a liberty lens. In this video, Brian gives us his thoughts on what the Libertarian Party's messaging ought to be in 2021. Lions of Liberty The Greatest libertarian variety show on Earth! Interviews, roundtables, pop culture, comedy and criminal justice all in one libertarian podcast. Brian McWilliams on Twitter Follow Brian on Twitter Brian McWilliams on Facebook Follow Brian on Facebook

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