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Message from the LA County Libertarian Party Chair

Los Angeles County libertarians have been on fire this year. Thank you to our executive committee and dedicated volunteers for putting in the time, effort and artistic and financial contributions to make a meaningful impact in our community this year.

We've been front and center in local opposition to the lockdowns, showing up at events, drafting resolutions, participating in public comment and reaching out to people who've been directly impacted by Garcetti's tyrannical edicts.

We've continued to hold in-person events, in spite of the Stay At Home orders, hosted speak easy events, promoted Jo Jorgensen at rallies, and even held an in-person convention. These are no small feats in the face of our government's oppression and campaign of fear mongering. Going forward, we will continue to fight against the lockdowns, organize with small business owners, fight it out in the courts, disobey, and spread the message of liberty. Thank you for joining us in the fight for freedom. Let's bring liberty back to LA in 2021.

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