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Meet The First Openly Trans, Political Party Executive Officer in California

Rachel Johnson has been a dedicated member of the Libertarian Party for many years. She holds her B.A. from Fordham University, is an Eagle Scout and was an archery instructor in China. A former Republican, and a candidate for Fordham University's Republican Chapter, She recalls witnessing, first-hand, the two-party's systematic abuse of power and coercion when the Cornell College Republicans lost their charter for endorsing Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson. After that, she decided to dedicate her time and voice to promoting third-party politics and ending a corrupt system. "I got a lot of heat for that," she recalls. Being the first openly trans, political party executive officer in California is a big deal for her and the party. "While the left can talk until the vegan cow-alternatives come home, about how diverse and accepting they are, Libertarians can't be bought by cheap talk and forced identity political demographics." She said. "We've had things like same-sex marriage equality since 1971, 41 years before the Dems, and the consistent voice for removing barriers imposed by Sacramento and D.C., who expect gratitude for allowing us to exercise rights that have always been ours. It's not enough to keep government out of our wallets - our fight is more than that, until Sacramento is also out of our bedrooms and our workplaces. This is a struggle so personal to the LGBTQ community, and as your At-Large Rep, I will continue to fight for our spot at the table." She said. As a former student activist, she also wants to see the PLC strengthen ties with groups like YAL or the College Libertarians. She believes that today's youth are ready to tear down tired old ways and elect people promoting individuality and expression, ending the Drug War, and prison overpopulation and opening up doors to new ways of innovation and livelihood. The LPLAC congratulates you! Follow Rachel on Twitter at

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