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How Can Libertarians Help During Riots & Civil Unrest?

People are understandably outraged at the police killing of George Floyd...and Breonna Taylor, and Duncan Lemp, and the many other people who die at the hands of brutal police officers and no knock raids. It's no surprise that tensions have boiled over and turned to violence after the population has been forcibly locked down after three months. Riots and looting have destroyed many businesses that had barely hung on during the government's closures and Stay At Home orders. How can libertarians help our communities recover amidst this chaos? Let's reach out to small businesses in our communities and ask them if they need help cleaning up and securing their stores. The next critical thing we should do is call or write our congressional representatives and ask them to support libertarian Justin Amash's bill to end qualified immunity for police officers. If we want police brutality to end, we must strike at the heart of corruption. If you're interested in joining with libertarians to help small businesses, please reach out to us so we can get you connected. If you own a small business that has been damaged in the riots, please let us know so we can schedule a time to help you clean up, secure your store, and restock.

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